Hemingway Jersey Shore Thriller



 Guidelines for Authors:

  You must read the book you agreed to read. Upon completion, you will write a review of at least eight sentences. You must promise to post the review on my mandatory sites.*  And lastly, you have to provide a time frame of when you can complete my novel and write your review. If you provide this information in your initial email, things will move faster. I don't expect a good review from everyone, so whether your review is good or bad you will still be put on the list after you have finished the review that you have agreed to make. After I have finished your review, I will post it on my site and email you a copy of my review. After I have received a copy of your review, I will post your review on the sites we have agreed on.

   Author's reviews work on the honor system. If you agree to write a review and don't, I will delete your name from this program. When someone needs your review, I don't want to hear the excuse: "when I get around to it". If I agree to a review, I promise to finish your review within three weeks. Unless I have too many reviews, I should be able to finish within two weeks. I expect the same timeframe from any author who agrees to a mutual review with me. Once you have completed the initial review swap with me. You can make whatever arrangements that you want to make with other authors.

  My novel is on Amazon and Kindle. I am open to whatever works for you in regard to the book swap. I will pay for the cost of your novel and prefer Kindle book swaps. If you opt for the printed version, I only ask that you use my seller 'Hemingway Direct' on Amazon. I will refund the difference between what your book and my book costs.

My mandatory sites are:

·          GoodReads.com

·           Amazon.com or Amazon.ca *

  I want to improve my visibility on both of these sites so that I can show that things are happening with my novel.

*Before you can post a review, you're required to have an Amazon.com account that has successfully been charged for the purchase of a physical or digital item. Free digital downloads don't qualify. You don't need to have purchased the product you're reviewing. There's a 48-hour waiting period after your first physical order has been completely shipped, or your digital item has been purchased, before you'll be able to submit your review. If you've purchased a digital gift for someone else, the 48-hour waiting period doesn't begin until the gift has been redeemed.

  Reviewers can choose other sites from the below list. I am open to whichever other sites you may choose. I believe the more sites that you have reviews on the better exposure you will get: (If you have a suggestion of another place to post please contact me and I will consider adding it to the list.)

·               BarnesAndNoble.com

·           Alibris.com

·           AuthorsDen.com

·           Book-Views.com

·           Bookblogs.Ning.com

·           BookCrossing.com

·           Books.Google.com

·           BooksAMillion.com

·           Face Book Visual Bookshelf

·           FetchBook.info

·           FiledBy.com

·           Flapjacket.com (children/teen/ya only)

·           Gather.com

·           IJustFinishedReading.DO NOT USE

·           LibraryThing.com

·           PaperbackSwap.com

·           Powells.com

·           Searchwarp.com

·           Shelfari.com

·           Worldcat.org

·           Chapters.Indigo.ca

·           Take 2

·           Swap Tree

·           Borders

·           Book Mooch

·           EzineArticles

·           Amazon.Canada

·          Reviewer's Facebook "We Read"

·          Reviewer's Blog of Choice

*If you can show me sites that are more important than my mandatory sites, I will certainly look at your sites and will change the mandatory sites if I think you are right.

Please check out the Market Novel page and make a comment at the bottom of the page. If you are taking the time to read this page than you know that it is tough to market a novel and very expensive if you sign up for a service that sounds great but delivers nothing. We can learn from each other.

 About the book swap.

This idea started with fellow author Rickey Bray who suggested a book swap. Having difficulty getting people to review my novel, I thought it was a great idea. Later, I learned that Ernest Hemingway had networked with other writers before he became famous. His networking helped Hemingway become a famous mainstream writer. If Hemingway had isolated himself from the literary community, would he have achieved the same amount of success?