Hemingway Jersey Shore Thriller

Richard C Hemingway and the novel Past Twilight: Mainstream fiction stirred with Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Action/Adventure and more than a smidgen of Science Fiction and humor. And yes, all served up by a hard boiled detective.

Author Book swap and Review


If you are the author of a novel please don't click off this page until you understand what I am offering. Yes this offer requires that you read a novel and write a review on that novel. If you do this with several authors if means you will have to read several books. This will take time, but if you have few or no reviews on your novel who is going to buy your novel. If a literary agent looks at your page, will they be impressed or quickly click off your page.

If you aren't a author looking for reviews why did you click on this page? 

 Guidelines for reviewers (Please read before you send me your email.)

Other Author Reviews

   If you are an author of a novel but not one of the lucky few that have a big publicity machine behind the launch of their novel, you know that getting noticed among thousands of other authors is pretty difficult. Getting someone to write a review about your novel is just as hard. For new authors, reviews are the combustible material needed to create a fire around their novel. I believe that if someone lands on your website or Amazon page and notices over 50 reviews, that they will be a lot more impressed than if they only see no or few reviews.

  If you are interested, I am offering a book swap where we exchange our books and we both write a review about the other person's book. I promise that I will be a sympathetic reader, mostly I will be looking for the larger social issues that you explore and is there something I can learn from your novel. I'm not going to look at your novel like a professional reviewer would look at your novel. However, if your book is totally without merit. I will not write a review and I would expect the same. If you write a book about hate for any particular group or individual, please don't waste your time in trying to get into the Author book swap and review. 

   My book was written for adults and it features some sex(not graphic), some violence and some nasty characters that talk pretty nasty. Whatever moral points I try to make in my novel are viewed through the lens that is focused on the characters that the protagonist meets and how these characters help to reshape how the protagonist looks at his world. I would suggest that you read the reviews on my novel before you agree to a book swap with me.

   I believe that a fellow author will give a thoughtful and more detailed review than the average reader. Authors, most, know about building a theme and making the theme a part of their plot. If you as a fellow author have developed a theme, you can be sure a fellow author will make the importance of your theme a part of their review. Authors know that they will be judged on everything they write, so they will take their time writing their reviews.

   Of course, different authors have distinct ways of looking at your novel. I believe that if you have several authors writing your reviews that all the good points of your novel will be at least covered by an author, who has given his or her particular insight about your novel.

   If I write a review, I will put it on my site, Amazon's, Barns & Novel and Goodreads (If you don't know about Goodreads, I suggest you find out about Goodreads, if you are really looking to give your book some exposure.) http://www.goodreads.com/ If you have other places where you think a review will be beneficial, I will put a review on those sites.

   If you have a designated web page, I will include a link to your page and expect a link to my site in return. If you have tried to learn SEO than you know that in-bound links as well as reviews are a way to get more people to look at your site. If you don't know what SEO stands for, then you have much to learn about driving traffic to your site and you probably landed on this page by accident. Time to click off.

   While my offer is open to most authors, I am particularly looking for first-time authors who decide to write their first novel later in life. Yes, I am looking for authors who have experienced a lot in life and are trying to make some sense of that experience in a novel(pun intended) work of fiction. These types of authors may write another novel, but it probably won't be as intense as their first novel.



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   Back links from other websites that are similar in content(ie. fellow author site) to your site play a large role in improving your page rank on a Google or other search engine search. But to get the full benefits of these links, each link and the text around the links need to have good keywords that relate to the keywords and content on your site.

 So I am offering a back link swap to fellow authors with a web site, blog or other web page. I am also offering a chance for each author to link up to as many back links as they want. And just like the book review swaps, each  author has to decide who they want to link to.

If you accept me as a back link, please copy the below link and copy and paste it on to your site. If you op for both the review and link, I will put your link at the top of your review. If you op for just the link, I will put your link on a separate page. In return, I want the same thing done for my review and/or link.

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