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Richard C Hemingway and the novel Past Twilight: Mainstream fiction stirred with Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Action/Adventure and more than a smidgen of Science Fiction and humor. And yes, all served up by a hard boiled detective.

  Why should I buy a kindle?


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I just brought a Kindle.
First thing I ordered: Past Twilight for only $3.00!

     Yes, it's true, sometimes old dogs can learn new tricks.  I am starting to read more novels, than I did in the past and buying books using Kindle is a lot cheaper in the long run. Check out the prices, you can get a pretty good novel for less than $2.00 and even best sellers are much cheaper. I like to do a lot of my reading when I go on beach vacations. With a Kindle I don't have to lug all those books around. I also don't have to depend on the local drug store to pick up a book that I want to read. Big bookstores like Borders are closing faster than then you can get to their stores. I could order a novel from an outfit like Amazon. Amazon is pretty good with their selection of books and great at mailing your book in a reasonable amount of time. But if you need your book and can't wait - downloading your book from Kindle is the way to go. Getting your book is pretty simple, especially if you have an Amazon account. I have already downloaded my first book: Past Twilight by Richard Hemingway. This guy is hot, even though I know the ending, I can't wait to read it.

   I believe one huge growth area with the Kindle will be in newspapers and magazines. Presently, you can only get the big national newspapers like 'The New York Times' and 'USA Today'. The Times charges $19.98 per month for your subscription. Home delivery to my address in Florida costs $59.20. They do add free digital access, but how many times would you use this feature if you are getting the paper home delivered.  Eventually, all the local newspapers will be on Kindle and wherever you are your Kindle edition will be automatically delivered to you. Simply put it is a lot cheaper for your newspaper to delivery your paper electronically than by having a chain of people produce and delivery your paper. Tree lovers will rejoice but having started my work career in the printing industry; this is something I don't want to see.  

   As big as kindle on newspapers and magazines will be, Kindle on your children's textbooks will even be a bigger growth area. No heavy books to carry around in their knapsack, cheaper prices on books and most importantly reading will be cool because it's on a electronic devise.

   I will still keep my bookshelf with all the great books that I feel have shaped who I am. But that bookshelf is going to be smaller than it was before.  I am an older person so it is harder for me to change my habits. Harder for me to get past the enjoyment I get when I open a paper book and hope for all the possibilities of personal enrichment that a great book can deliver. So if I am thinking Kindle, I am sure a lot of younger(than me) people are also thinking Kindle. Once someone sees that the Kindle screen looks like a page out of a paper book, but is much  easier to handle, you don't have to be a genius to know that a lot more people are going to buy a Kindle. Especially Facebook and Twitter types that get excited every time they upload a passage from their book to their accounts.

   And if I am successful enough in my first novel, my second novel will be full of enhancements that you can only put on a Kindle or IPad or other devices where you can get electronic reading.  Presently, some of the things I would like to do, you can't do on a Kindle. Say, for example, one of the scenes is in an Irish Pub with good food, great times and plenty of Irish music.  Naturally, you say, damn that's the place I would like to hang out in when I visit New York City or some other city. Someday with a Kindle or one of those other devices with a Kindle app.; you can easily go to the appendix section and click on a link that gives you all kinds of information, pictures and even a web site link to the restaurant. Some authors may put the links inside the novel but I wouldn't do that.  Some authors may even work out monetary deals, just as TV and Movies have done. If the hero says that he gets it done with his new Yugo Avenger or some other product, the author may be getting paid to write those lines. Eventually, even videos can be incorporated into your reading experience. In my novel, I wrote the lyrics to two songs and a perverted rap song. I was thinking that if my novel became a movie, if would be a big ego trip hearing a song based on what I wrote. If it is a good song, maybe that could be an extra cash flow.

   Already, you can share passages of your novel on Facebook or Twitter with your social network. Kindle also has a built in dictionary and access to Wikipedia. And finally, Kindle is experimenting with web browsing over free Wi-Fi and a app to transfer MP3 files to Kindle so you can play your favorite song while reading your best loved book.

  The President of Kindle has stated  he isn't going to build a Kindle that lets you do all the things you can do on an IPad. He also said that his philosophy is "Buy once read everywhere." That means that whatever device you have, there is a Kindle app that will let you download from the biggest source of printed material in the world.  My guess is that the people at Amazon will come up with an app that lets you do the things I mentioned in the last paragraph. I wouldn't be surprised if someday Kindle sold an attachment device you could put over your Kindle screen that would let you do all the touchy feeling stuff you can do on an IPad while browsing through the web.  Some people will be appalled at some of my ideas, but please don't shoot me. I am only the message boy. These things will happen. It is simply a matter of time.

   The Kindle has become popular because they have over 810,000 books, newspapers and magazines that people can download to their Kindle devices. Kindle also has over 1.8 million out of copyright books for free.(Find out what Mr.Darcy really think about Elizabeth without having to buy 'Pride and Prejudice' definitely something that will give cheapo's a thrill.) Try having a library with all of that stuff. Just dusting the shelves would be more than I can handle.






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