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Memo to Special and Senior Special Officers of the NYC Health and Hospitals Corporation (HHC) Hospital Police

Part III: HHC Hospital Police and Director of Security position  


    The below job description was copied from a job description for Director of Security at Kings County Hospital. Dated 12/8/2008. If you skip the stupid part like urban and urbane, what is that supposed to mean, you get some idea of what the personnel department is looking for. If you are a HHC Hospital Police Sergeant or above you have to match up with a lot of the below qualifications and in some cases exceed these qualifications if you are going for this position. Certainly, any fraternal Hospital Police leadership organization should be studying not only the directors but also the assistant director's and Corporate director's job descriptions at all locations in the Hospital Police. You should also focus on what is missing from this job description. There is no mention of working in an actual hospital in a leadership position in the HHC Hospital Police. Hospital security by itself is pretty intense and complicated, but if you add to that a big-city hospital where they have to hire peace officers for these positions than you have a job experience that is different from only security or law enforcement. To say that someone  can come in without this experience and became a great leader of a HHC Hospital Police department without  making a lot of mistakes is both stupid and foolish.

    The other question is how did the person who eventually got this job match up to the job description. If someone who is looking at this page knows the answer to my question, please answer in the below comment section.

Job Description

You are urban and urbane, a savvy manager and a polished communicator...DIRECTOR OF SECURITYYour Strength, Calm and Leadership Provide Optimum SecurityYou are urban and urbane, a savvy manager and a polished communicator. Your strength and inner confidence make you the leader people rely on to feel safe and secure. In our busy and diverse environment, your versatility, communication skills, and personable demeanor will help you balance security demands with customer care.As Director of Security you must maintain procedures consistent with HHC's policies for a hospital police staff that provides 24/7 campus coverage, including supervision, performance evaluations, coordinating assignments, maintaining training standards, discipline, and staffing. You will also be responsible for ensuring compliance with public safety, homeland security, and emergency management requirements, and for fostering positive community relations(What about Crime Prevention-my input).The successful applicant will have a Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice, Public Administration, or a related field (Master's Degree and experience in higher education preferred); 8-10 years of supervisory and administrative experience in law enforcement, security, criminal justice, public administration, or a related field; and computer literacy in security/surveillance systems and business-related software. Management experience in a union environment in NYC government is a plus.For consideration, please E-mail resume to: Dawn O. Nurse, Associate Director of Employment & Recruitment to: Kings County Hospital is a member of the NYCHealth and Hospitals Corporation and the CentralBrooklyn Family Health NetworkEqual Opportunity Employer

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