Hemingway Jersey Shore Thriller

The first edition of my novel didn't have this dedication. It wasn't until much later that I realized my time in the HHC Hospital Police had created my cental character as well as my own outlook on life. My main character wasn't going to be FBI or NYPD because someone from the Hospital Police could be just as smart and tough as someone from those other organizations. Note: I later found out that Hospital Police officer no longer used night sticks. I didn't pick up on the change until much later.


This book is dedicated to Special and Senior Special Officers of the NYC HHC Police and NYC HRA Police. Sad to say these two groups are little known to the media and the public. To those who ask why do you need peace officers in public hospitals and welfare centers, I say spend some time in these places, and you will understand why. With only handcuffs, nightsticks and their wits and training they have to deal with all the problems of society that converge on these places routinely.  The same may be said about NYC School Safety agents.  Like the other organizations which complement the NYPD, the only time you hear about them is when something goes wrong, and then it’s ‘Guards’ over reacting or not reacting. 


Hospital Police HHC

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