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Conservatives, they ain't who they say they are.

Spring 2011

Twitter Point: If you pick and choose where you are going to apply your conservative philosophy, are you really a conservative or just another tool for the rich?

   Frankly, I am disappointed in Conservatives. I would guess that the modern conservative evolved from the word conserve which according to Webster's dictionary means:

'To keep in a safe or sound state; to save; to preserve from loss, decay, waste or injury; to defend from violation; also to conserve the peace of society.'

   According to Webster's dictionary the word 'conservative' has a little different shade of meaning than the word conserve.

'One who wishes to preserve traditions or institutions and resists innovation or change.'

   Certainly, this definition is closer to our modern-day  conservatives, but what century's traditions do they wish to preserve. Certainly not social security which goes back to the 1930's. Certainly not their forefathers in the 1800s who set up state colleges and our public school system so that the average citizen with a brain and the ability to work hard could achieve the American dream without going into a mountain of dept. If you live in a state where the conservatives are doing their best to try to destroy public education, I am not telling you anything new. Yes, I know public education in some places is a bloated organization that does little to prepare young people to survive in this century. But all the conservatives have to offer is a voucher system and contracting out basic education to outfits who are first and foremost in it for the money.

   What I see today are phony conservatives, at least the ones, we elect to public office. They are always talking about balancing the budget and not spending beyond our means, yet when they are in power they find ways to spend beyond our means but give tax breaks to people who really don't need tax breaks. Does the oil industry which shows record profits every year really need a tax break? Do most of the people who make over $250,000 a year really need a tax break? Do big time farmers really need money not to plant stuff? Do companies that moved their manufacturing operations overseas really need tax breaks? Did General Electric which moved most of their operations oversea and paid zero taxes last year deserve their tax breaks. The worst part of the previous statement is the fact that GE violated no laws in not paying their fair share of taxes. And finally, is it a coincidence that rich people seem to get filthy rich when conservatives gain control of the federal, state and local governments.

   Where is there conservatism with bloated military budgets? What happened to their conservatism after billions escaped down a sewer hole of corruption in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars? If you give billions to corrupt contractors and governments - what do you think is going to happen. I know you want to get rid of government employees to support your rich pals in private industry, but couldn't you have at least kept a few sharp-eyed  accountants who might have plugged up some of those holes of corruption.

   When conservatives start saying that everybody rich or poor, every part of the government, including defense and our own elected officials bloated perks and salaries, must equally according to what we make, sacrifice for the good of the country - than I will say they are acting like real conservatives.  When conservatives start putting money into our country's infrastructure before the country falls apart than my conservative part of me will stand by them.

   When conservatives put their efforts in making our agencies like Medicare more effective and efficient, then I will listen to them about making cuts or getting rid of programs. All these programs are created by politicians. If the programs are a waste of taxpayer's money, the first people to look at are our political leaders who created the programs and picked the leaders to administer these programs. A lot of our government agencies have some corruption but mostly rules that prevent the agency from doing what it was created to do. For example, in Medicare they have a pay first and check later policy. And someone can bilk Medicare, get caught, and later change the name of their operation and start all over again. Is it billions or millions people are bilking Medicare? I don't know - anyone know?  Medicare is not the only agency that is slipshod in their practices. How about our military procurement system. Over priced toilet seat, no problem. Won a bid on a $2 billion contract and now you say it will really cost $5 billion no problem we will just print up some more money. Frankly, I didn't bother to do research on the above charges. I didn't need to do research. These are things I have been hearing on TV for years. I also know that Democrats which includes liberals are just as guilty as the conservatives and Republicans.

   Tea party people say that they want the government out of their business except for closing abortion clinics and denying homosexuals the same rights the rest of us takes for granted - getting married in order to get divorced and argue over who gets what. On the other hand, some of them want Medicare and social security. Would that make them socialists?

   Conservative elected officials, it's time to man up and get out of your lobbyist welfare program.  It's time to admit that you're really not good at creating things that help the average citizen. Your real contribution to society is to make sure the things liberals think up are run in an effective and efficient manner. And if you could make sure that the people selected to run our agencies are neither liberal nor conservative political opportunists then you would be all that a voter could ask for.  Maybe if you could get away from your obsession with tax cuts that destroy our social programs, you could finally start contributing to this country in a positive manner.  Remember, the rich may give you a lot of money but it is the poor and middle class that may or may not get you elected. I know you think the average voter is stupid or not paying attention but sooner or later they will always figure out which politician is trying to destroy the programs they feel they are entitled to and need to survive.

Please let your elected officials know how you feel. Copy and paste your Comments on to their web pages.  




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