Hemingway Jersey Shore Thriller

Richard C Hemingway and the novel Past Twilight:  Mainstream fiction stirred with Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Action/Adventure and more than a smidgen of Science Fiction and humor. And yes, all served up by a hard boiled detective.

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Contest has been cancelled.*Use above email address for Novel Contest. Must include name of bar/hotel trashed and name of town on the Jersey Shore where most of the action takes place. Please include first and last name in your email. I would love to hear some feedback about your thoughts about my novel.
** If you are a fellow author and want a book swap, please include full name and address and I will send you an email with my full name and address. Upon receipt of your novel and synopsis of the novel, I will try to give you a projected timeframe when I am  able to write a review about your novel. I prefer swaping books on Kindle however if you are not on Kindle I will still do a book swap. I will also outline my method of doing a review and why I need a synopsis. If you want to do more book swaps with other authors, I will send out a list of authors who have agreed to a book swap provided that you have given permisson to include your name on this list. This is a new idea. I plan to advertise, but I don't know how many authors will respond.
Please remember that book swaps are on the honor system, as Reagan would  say it is trust but verify. I don't want to put in rules of behavior because some people violated the agreement, but I will.