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Richard C Hemingway and the novel Past Twilight: Mainstream fiction stirred with Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Action/Adventure and more than a smidgen of Science Fiction and humor. And yes, all served up by a hard boiled detective.

Past Twilight the back story


Back Story

 Behind every story, whether it is fictional or a life lived there is a story of  what propelled the person to take a novel or life in a specific direction.  Most if not all people have their particular views of the world around them. Think of their views as fuel that propels ideas forward until they meld with and consume a novel or life.

If my views of the world resonate with you and cause you to spend time thinking about the world you live in - than my back story is worth reading.  If you're horrified at how I view our world - than you know you don't want to spend time with me in some smoke-filled  bar arguing out ideas about how the world works. You certainly would not want to read my novel because it may expose you to ideas that may not be politically correct or ideas that may take you out of your comfort zone.  In either case, when you read my stuff, you will do some thinking. And thinking about ideas is a good thing if you are willing to accept ideas as either good, bad or non-applicable without the filter of bias. The previous sentence is hard to do. I often fail at this and have to keep looking until I can finally see an idea without bias.

I felt I needed to put into words my ideas on how the world works. I think the more I understand how the world work the less vulnerable I will be to those who live to take advantage of other people. Yes Virginia, Santa Claus will always exist in the minds of man and so will truly nasty and evil people who know how to cloud people's mind.

 As time passes some people will write in and convince me with their ideas that some of my ideas are wrong. This is the major reason why I put in a comment section on many of my web pages.   I look at the below articles as a jumping-off point which starts the conversation going in a particular direction. Hopefully, if I get enough feedback, I can write more articles or revise the articles I have written. What is fair and just changes as more people get involved in the conversation about what is fair and just.  Those who think words like fair and just are just words that need to be manipulated in order to separate the chumps from their change hopefully will be weeded out of the conversation.

 Eventually, I will re-read my stuff and see faulty thinking in some of my ideas. This is probably the chief reason why you need to write down your world views. How do your views hold up years later? Do they hold up well enough or is looking at them painful?  Hopefully, I will grow as a person because my ideas have been presented and are ready to be examined.

The Rich

Political Process






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