Hemingway Jersey Shore Thriller

Richard C Hemingway and the novel Past Twilight:  Mainstream fiction stirred with Mystery, Suspense, Thriller, Action/Adventure and more than a smidgen of Science Fiction and humor. And yes, all served up by a hard boiled detective.

 About the Author

  Author Hemingway novel

     I earned a Master's Degree in Criminal Justice and another in  Public Administration and a BS in Police Science(John Jay College of Criminal Justice).  I also created and was the chief writer and photographer for the 'Peace Officers Journal'. Most of my work career I worked in the public sector. (Almost 20 years with the NYC HHC Hospital Police) At the end of my career with this organization I held the title of Captain. As a Captain I was in charge of all the investigations that took place in the Hospital where I worked. During this period, I improved the investigative capabilities of my officers and used the data that I developed to write a master thesis at John Jay College of Criminal Justice: Hospital Security: 'Environmental Design, Access Control and Surveillance as Deterrents to Thefts.   At the end of my work career I spent six years with the NYC Welfare system as a Fraud Investigator. My background was helpful, especially in the hospital scene, when I wrote my novel. In fact, the easiest part of writing the novel was in the areas where the main character functions as a detective. [How do you know which character is a detective? Easy all his or her sentences end with a question mark. ]

   One little fact that most people don't know about the Hospital Police: they are also New York State Peace Officers. This means that if you commit a crime in a HHC hospital or other HHC facility you will be arrested by these officers. When I created the main character in my novel, I decided to give him a Hospital Police background.  I could have easily made him an NYPD detective or ex-CIA, etc. I had different reasons for giving him a Hospital Police background; but the main reason was what happened after people asked me what I did for a living. I would always answer that I am a peace officer, because I was proud of what I did. The next question would be. Where do you work, and I would always answer. I'm a Hospital Police officer or sergeant or captain depending on my rank at the time. The person who asked the question would reflect on my answer for a brief moment and then give the usual response: ‘Oh you are a security guard.’ Naturally my answer to their response was always intense and informative. If you read my novel, you will also see that the main character gets extremely agitated by the security guard reference.

  There is another part of my background that you won't find on my resume.  I have a lifetime fascination with bars. The bar/hotel in the fictional town of Ocean Beach where most of the plot revolves around is based on a real bar/hotel. This is my all-time favorite bar, and yes; I was upset when the bar closed in the early 80s. They say write about what you know. Well, I know a lot about bars. I tried my best to make the bar scences as realistic as possible. During the period when I was writing and revising(more times, then I care to remember.) - I always carried a small notepad with me. When I would hear someone say something outrageous, I would discretely write it down and if it fit in the novel, I would put it into the novel.

   Like the protagonist, I was full of optimism when younger and bitter and a man without passion as I grew older. Without passion and the desire to move forward, what do we really have that is different from the other animals on the planet? Somewhere in writing this novel, I found passion again and that is when my characters started taking over and it became a novel about many inter-relationships and how some of those relationships can get you killed if you aren't paying attention. It also became a novel that became surprisingly optimistic as the novel moved toward its end.

       I have never considered myself a professional writer, but merely someone who has a world view that may or may not resonate with you the reader. The novel is probably too long, especially in our modern times where any real thought not expressed on twitter represents the old and boring way of thinking. The main problem I had was. How do you write a character, who in chapter 2 has given up on life and in the later chapters becomes an adventure hero and crackerjack detective? Maybe I should have written the novel as a long series of twitter tweets or perhaps a 20 page slide show complete with a lot of pictures and intense music.


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